CRL back leak test kit
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General description

The back fuel volume from the injector is a good indicator of the deterioration or contamination of the injector. This kit is used to measure the back fuel quantity of the injectors for diesel engines with "Common Rail" injection system. It is suitable for the majority of European and Asian diesel cars. The kit can be used in immediately on cars with Common Rail systems manufactured by the companies Bosch, Delphi, Denso, without the need to remove the injectors.
Important: The Common Rail injection system consists of modules and components which are manufactured with high precision. Failure may occur even if small amount of dirt falls into the injection system. We must be very careful not to contaminate the Common Rail system during the test and repair.

Included in the kit
Plastic 150 ml measuring bottles, with graduated scales - 6 pieces;
Silicone hose, 1 m, with a protective spring mechanism - 6 pieces;
Metal connector for the injector - 6 pieces;
Stand for 6 bottles with hook - 1 piece.

Working process - Test procedure
* The engine must be heated to working temperature.
1. The engine must not be turned on.
2. For Bosch injectors
2.1 The metal connectors are inserted in the transparent silicone hoses and are connected to the back fuel lines over the injectors.
2.2 The metal connectors are clipped to the injectors with the original spring clips.
3. For the injectors from other manufacturers
The ends of the silicone hoses (without metal connectors) are attached to the injector return hose, replacing the back fuel lines.
4. The engine is turned on, immediately the back fuel starts to flow. At the moment when the fuel collected in the measuring bottles is enough for assessing the performance of the injectors, the engine is turned off. You can use any of the methods described below which are proven by practice:
Method I - Start the engine and let it run in idle speed for about 1 minute. After that increase the RPM to 3000 and retain it the same for 30 seconds. Turn off the engine.
Method II - Start the engine and let it run in idle speed for about 2 minutes. After that we force it to maximum RPM and then release the accelerator three consecutive times. Turn off the engine.
5. After completing the test you must measure the fuel quantity in each bottle and analyze the test results.
Normal operation of the injectors
Injector № 2 need replacement

6. If necessary, change or repair the defective injectors.
7. If the car does not start or if we need more finely measurement of the back fuel volume, we must use the smaller measuring bottles - 15 ml. In advance you can bind consequently the smaller bottles to the bigger ones in order to prevent eventual fuel overflow during their use. Such opportunity is provided in their design.